Gourmets Paradise in Cesky Krumlov Centre

Krumlovska Fontana in the square is the paradise for all who enjoy good meals and sweets. • Entertainment in the restaurant • Entertainment in confectioner´s • Relaxation over coffee • Homemade desserts and cakes in the confectioner´s • Desserts and delicatessen on request to your house

Do not hesitate and enter!

Relaxation on the Terrace in the Historic Square

Enjoy the charming atmosphere of the Square Svornosti in Cesky Krumlov and a nice view of the stone fountain while relaxing in a pleasant garden and eating specialities from our confectioner´s or delicatessen.

Do not hesitate and enter!

Good Meal with a Piece of History

In the Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant we prepare meals of a top quality. You can enjoy having our meals in a beautiful historic place.

Do not hesitate and enter!

We Arrange Your Celebrations or Weddings!

We arrange catering for Your wedding, family or company celebrations. We prepare all hot or cold meals according to your wishes such as buffets with fresh salads, sandwiches, cheese cakes up to sweet delicatessen such as desserts or cakes with fresh homemade cream.

Let us arrange the catering for you and you can fully enjoy your important events.

Confectioner´s in the Cesky Krumlov Centre

The best place for your relaxation over coffee! Try our desserts made from fresh ingredients a real cream in the Krumlovska Fontana Confectioner´s.

Let us arrange the catering for you and you can fully enjoy your important events.

Delicatessen in the Krumlov Square

Only fresh delicatessen for gourmets. Our family business Krumlovska Fontana prepares for you fresh specialities every day. We control the quality of products and ingredients to be always fresh and top quality for you.

Do not hesitate and enter!

Fresh Homemade Meals Every Day!

Every day we prepare in our restaurant 20 kinds of hot meals for a very good price 65,- CZK. We try to think of new meals for you to be satisfied. We welcome if you have any ideas.

Do not hesitate and enter!

Sunny Terrace in the Krumlov Square.

Enjoy our delicatessen and high quality hot meals on our sunny terrace. Fresh air is the best thing for it.

Do not hesitate and enter!

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If you want to see three museums, the castle tower and a world known gallery for half of the price, you can buy the hot new Cesky Krumlov Card.

"We were inspired by similar projects from abroad, mainly by the cards of German speaking neighbours, " said Daniel Kinztl from the company Ceskokrumlovsky Rozvojovy Fond (CK Development Fond). The main goal of this company was to support the attendance of Cesky Krumlov as well as to invite inhabitants into attractive dominants of the town which are enrolled in the UNESCO list . "We would like to motivate tourists to a longer or repeated visit of this town. Everybody has the whole month to visit all four cultural institutions," added Kinztl.

Cesky Krumlov Card will provide the visitors with four places which are the most favourite ones: Castle Museum and Castle Tower, Regional Museum, Photoatelier Seidel Museum and Egon Schiele Art Centre. The card saves to the customers 50%  of the common ticket price and families will save even 62% from the family ticket. People can use this card according to their paces and tastes because ...  more here 






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