The company was founded in 1991 by my father and mother, Mr. Kopenec Sr.
and his wife, who helped him all along. Restaurant -  Delicatessen
- Krumlovska Fontana (Krumlov Fountain) confectioner´s
has been a purely
family business, which has been headed by the Kopenec family for 21 years. Currently the company is headed by me, Mr. Kopenec Jr.,
together with my wife. I hope
that in the future one of my three children will headed this company.
We all are caring about our company development
our customers to be satisfied with our services. 

We have been investing a lot of money
into the company, for example in 2009 there was a big
reconstruction of confectioner´s and a year later
of the whole restaurant too.
In 2012 we have prepared
an innovation for you which is our e-shop.

We watch the news in the gastronomy, we use only good quality ingredients,
to prepare good quality fresh meals
for good prices. 

Thank you for your interest
and we look forward to the meeting with you
in our company in the square of Cesky Krumlov :-)

Yours truly, David Kopenec.


Krumlovska Fontana v.o.s.
Namesti Svornosti 8
381 01 Cesky Krumlov 

Tel.: +420 380 711 558
Restaurant: +420 380 726 034
Delicatessen shop: +420 711 221
Fax: +420 380 727 762

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






PÁ - 14.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

SO - 15.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

NE - 16.4. ZAVŘENO

PO - 17.4. ZAVŘENO