Cesky Krumlov Confectioner´s

Enjoy the view of many fresh desserts, cakes or icecream and fruit mixtures. When you eat them with your eyes, it is high time to choose your favourite ones and bring them to your table.

Do not hesitate and enter!

View of Krumlov Square

Try to sit and relax in the Krumlovska Fontana Confectioner´s. You can enjoy our delicatessen together with a nice view of Cesky Krumlov square.

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Relaxation Over Coffee in Cesky Krumlov

Enjoy our homemade desserts and cakes together with a cup of high quality Italian coffee in a pleasant atmosphere of our confectioner´s.

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Quality and Satisfaction

The priority of our confectioner´s is the quality of our products and Your satisfaction. We use only high quality ingredients and everything is made from real butter and cream. We bake cakes on request. For bigger orders we recommend personal meetings.




Do you arrange a family celebration or a meeting with friends and you do not want to waste your time on catering preparations?
  • You can order sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts or cakes
  • through the Internet or telephone
    and we will deliver it
    right into your house or flat!!!


For big orders we recommend you
a personal meeting 
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PÁ - 14.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

SO - 15.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

NE - 16.4. ZAVŘENO

PO - 17.4. ZAVŘENO