sweet menu:

  • wedding cakes
  • mini desserts
  • desserts


savory menu:

  • platters
  • appetizers
  • Czech sandwiches

Are you going to have your Happy Day with anybody who you love?
Wedding is one of the most important decisions in our lives.
That is why it should be much more beautiful and successful than any other common days. A wedding ceremony and reception belong to that pivotal moments of a wedding day.
An effort to look after wedding guests as well as possible is clear from the beginning of a wedding.

We will bear your worries with a wedding cake which we will bake for, you
we will prepare a sweet or savory menu
(mini desserts, desserts, platters, appetizers, Czech sandwiches...),
which we will make and deliver to the right place after your approval.




PÁ - 14.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

SO - 15.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

NE - 16.4. ZAVŘENO

PO - 17.4. ZAVŘENO