Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant

Newly reconstructed and comfortable Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant, situated in a historic cellar, offers you big portions for good prices.

Do not hesitate and enter!

Quality and Professionalism of the Family Business

Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant provides up to 100 places for its guests and thanks to a pleasant atmosphere and experienced staff it is a perfect place both for private dining and a group one.

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The History of Cesky Krumlov for Gourmets!

In the cellar of a historic house with a pink and white facade situated in the Cesky Krumlov square you can enjoy our homemade high quality cuisine.

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Cesky Krumlov Restaurant

In the Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant you can enjoy many various kinds of high quality meals while relaxing over a view of the beautiful Cesky Krumlov square.

Fresh Fishes from Southern Bohemia!

In our Krumlov restaurant we prepare meals only from fresh ingredients. You can enjoy for example fresh fishes delivered by our high quality suppliers and prepared by our experienced cooks.

Czech Cuisine

The best of Czech cuisine in the Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant! We offer e. g. fresh duck with two kinds of dumplings and red cabbage. We look forward to your enjoyment over our high quality Czech meals!

The Truth Is in Wine

In the Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant we offer red and white wine and we will be pleased to recommend you a suitable sort of wine right to your chosen meals.

The Garden of Cesky Krumlov Restaurant

During the summer season you can enjoy an amazing view of Krumlov castle from the outside terrace of the Krumlovska Fontana Restaurant.

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Summer Season...
Marinovaný losos - Fontána Český Krumlov

Marinated Salmon Baguette
Marinated salmon in a sea salt and herbs,
served with a crispy French baguette.

100,- CZK

Roasted Pork Knuckle
Served with mustard, pickle and horse-raddish

189,- CZK 

Pečené koleno - Fontána Český Krumlov





PÁ - 14.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

SO - 15.4. OD 13:00 DO 18:00

NE - 16.4. ZAVŘENO

PO - 17.4. ZAVŘENO